Digestive enzymes why and when do we take them?

A well balanced diet is extremely important for optimal health. But with today’s fast paced life it can be difficult to follow through with a healthy diet. One way of consuming digestive enzymes is through raw foods, like pineapple, papaya, mango and honey. But for some people, it can be difficult to follow the raw food diet.

Cooking raw fruits and vegetables actually destroys the enzymes. When enzymes are cooked with our food, our body has to make enzymes in order to digest the food. When we eat food, our digestive system will actually break down the food and we can absorb the nutrients the food provides.

But when unhealthy fast food is consumed instead of fruits and vegetables containing digestive enzymes, our body is unable to get enough enzymes. When the body does not have enough enzymes, the digestive system it is unable to go through the proper process to breakdown and absorb the nutrients from the food.

Our digestive system can also see a decrease in enzymes with a lot of daily stress. And when we are stressed we may indulge in unhealthy foods that do not contain digestive enzymes. With the common hectic lifestyles and normal stresses of work, activities and families, healthy raw fruits and vegetables may decrease in priority; the time to make healthy food options may become an issue and may drive us to rely on fast food.

Raw cold-pressed organic fruit and vegetable juices are a great way to get digestive enzymes in your crazy fast paced life. Digestive enzymes are essential to consume daily to keep your body healthy and energized. Cold-pressed raw organic juices are beneficial to your body and are easy to add to your diet while on the run so you can live a happy healthy life.

Juice On!