Why we should STOP buying “conventional” produce, and start buying organic!

Part one: Your Dollar, Your Vote.

Part two: Your Life, Your Body.

Let’s explore with a fresh perspective and open-mind…

Your dollar, your vote: Every time we spend our hard-earned money on food (restaurants, supermarkets, brands, etc.) it is as if we are casting a vote. That vote is what helps lead companies and corporations to decide where to invest their time and resources to bring us the things we are buying.

Make sense? Good, let’s continue… The evidence of the dangers of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals to the human body is overwhelming. Yet, billions of dollars are spent every year on these chemicals! Our purchases send a message that is loud and clear: “we really don’t care that this produce is missing almost all of its nutrients and is doing our body more harm than good. If you keep supplying it, we’ll keep buying it.” If we stop buying it, they will stop supplying it! It truly is that simple.

Your life, your body: We believe that this is a far more important topic to cover. Our bodies are only as good as the food we put in it; let’s say the fuel that we supply for our high performance machines called our bodies. Although conventional produce sometimes looks the same, it truly is not the same! Over the years, if not decades, harmful chemical poisons in the soil have stripped the produce of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, etc. If those vital elements aren’t in the soil they are not going to be in the food – period – end of story. The purpose of buying certified organic produce is to reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals. Organic farmers take immense pride in their crops and actively seek out ways to add back and preserve the nutrient-rich soil.

So, this school of thought reveals that even if your budget is tight and you can only buy 1 pound of organic produce as opposed to 2 pounds of conventional produce — you truly are much better off buying the organic produce. Not only are the nutrients lacking in the conventional produce, it can be stated that you are actually poisoning yourself and your family by eating it (no matter how well you wash it off at home). As more and more people buy organic plant-based whole foods, prices will naturally start to come down. In turn, companies and corporations that feed the majority of people will see these trends and begin to invest in organic farms.

At Juice 2U we truly believe in this, and we only buy from certified organic suppliers with the best track records. All of our certified organic products are carefully chosen, stored, and prepared daily for you. You can truly feel good and rest-assured that everything from our menu can flood your body with much needed daily nutrients.