You are what you eat, and I’m terrified!

Do you remember hearing in grade-school that “you are what you eat?” I know I do! However, I never fully understood it until my teen years, and never took it seriously until my mid-20’s. I’m sure you have a fair understanding — our bodies are made-up of TRILLIONS of cells that are constantly dying off and being replaced by new cells. These cells get their extremely vital nutrients and compounds from the foods and drinks we put in our bodies – morning, noon, and night. This is truly astonishing and complex, yet very easy to grasp. When we eat organic earth-derived food (a.k.a. naturally-grown plant based whole-food diet), our cells are exposed to the necessary nutrients to help us live a long and healthy life. On the contrary, eating highly processed sugar infused foods with virtually zero nutritional value, can create a “sick” environment in which our cells can become full of disease/viruses/tumors, and die an early death.

What may even be more astonishing is how fast our bodies actually renew themselves! Just to name a few; our tongue is renewed every 10-14 days, our lungs every 14-21 days, and our skin every 30 days. Even our brain cells are renewing themselves! The right food can fuel cell regeneration – when the food is organic and earth-derived we look and feel great. Eating this way can help us reduce or eliminate getting sick and/or tiring too easily. We can begin today to eat more organic plant-based foods, and within a few days to a few weeks notice significant differences in how we look, feel, act, and think. Our body is one of the most intricate pieces of machinery in the universe, and the human brain is the utmost powerful organ in the universe — they both must be understood, respected, and carefully maintained.

Accepting this information as scientific fact and truth guides us to the innumerable benefits and grave necessity of eating and drinking organic foods and juices from a wide variety of food. At Juice 2U we source the finest organic foods the earth has to offer, and we only partner with certified reputable suppliers with high standards and integrity. Every staff member at Juice 2U takes food storage and preparation very seriously and we carefully craft every juice, smoothie, elixir, and food dish to serve your body well. Order absolutely anything from our menu and rest assure it will nourish your every cell for days!