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When you drink cold pressed raw fruit and vegetable juice you are getting necessary nutrients for your body. Another benefit of cold pressed raw juice is that you can add fruits and vegetables to your diet that you normally do not get on a regular basis. Raw fruits and vegetables retain enough nutrients, enzymes, protein, [...]

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The impact of raw organic juice

The impact of cold-pressed raw 100% organic juice is that it can allow your body to heal, nourish and regenerate from the vital nutrients that raw fruit and vegetables provide. Cold-pressed raw organic juice introduced into your diet is the key to a radiant and energetic body. And it gives your body all the energy [...]

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Colors of the Rainbow

Why do we need to eat the color of the rainbow when it comes to fruits and vegetables? Most people don’t know why it is an important part of our healthy diet. They just figure that they should make sure they eat their greens at lunch or dinner. Eating the color of the rainbow does [...]

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Probiotics Why Take Them?

What are probiotics and why does our body need them to live a healthy life? The breakdown of the word probiotic comes from the Greek words pro (meaning promoting) and biotic (meaning life). Making the very word probiotic stands for promoting a healthy life. Our bodies have more than thousands of different bacterial types within [...]

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Digestive enzymes why and when do we take them?

A well balanced diet is extremely important for optimal health. But with today’s fast paced life it can be difficult to follow through with a healthy diet. One way of consuming digestive enzymes is through raw foods, like pineapple, papaya, mango and honey. But for some people, it can be difficult to follow the raw [...]

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Why we should STOP buying “conventional” produce, and start buying organic!

Part one: Your Dollar, Your Vote. Part two: Your Life, Your Body. Let’s explore with a fresh perspective and open-mind… Your dollar, your vote: Every time we spend our hard-earned money on food (restaurants, supermarkets, brands, etc.) it is as if we are casting a vote. That vote is what helps lead companies and corporations [...]

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You are what you eat, and I’m terrified!

Do you remember hearing in grade-school that “you are what you eat?” I know I do! However, I never fully understood it until my teen years, and never took it seriously until my mid-20’s. I’m sure you have a fair understanding — our bodies are made-up of TRILLIONS of cells that are constantly dying off [...]

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Trick your body into burning fat by juicing this…

Believe it or not, the juice from one of the hottest peppers known-to-man has some serious benefits for your body! You can taste it for yourself in our carefully crafted and extremely hydrating juice – Lemon Ginger Blast. This juice has a great kick to it and contains; Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Parsley, Arugula, Cilantro, [...]

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