Vegan Juice Cleanse

You’d be amazed at the amount of toxins and chemicals to which our bodies are exposed on a day-to-day basis. Virtually every surface we touch, snack we eat, beverage we drink, and even the air we breathe introduces an innumerable variety of harmful stuff into our bodies. In turn, our bodies — and, more specifically, the various organs and bodily systems of which a body is comprised — attempt to eliminate all these toxins and chemicals, separating the good stuff from the bad and making sure that the bad stuff doesn’t put us into extreme danger.

Focusing just on food for a moment, consider these examples: Are you a coffee drinker? The caffeine (not to mention sugar) that’s in coffee has been found to be extremely damaging to your health, particularly when you’re consuming it in large amounts. When consumed in excess, carbohydrates — the various breads and pastas that we all love to eat — can be dangerous as certain toxins from wheat enter the bloodstream. Sodas are basically liquid sugar that can cause cavities in your teeth and raise your blood glucose levels. Canned goods and processed meats are extremely unhealthy, too, containing various preservatives and often becoming tainted by the harmful chemicals from their metal or plastic containers.

So where does that leave us? What can we do to protect ourselves from the harmful substances to which we’re exposed through each and every day? Fortunately, the Juice 2 U vegan juice cleanse is exactly what you need to ensure optimal mental and physical health.

Introducing The Vegan Juice Cleanse by Juice 2 U

If you’re unfamiliar with Juice 2 U — and if that’s the case, where on Earth have you been?! — let us introduce ourselves: Juice 2 U is a premiere vegan restaurant as well as a fresh juice and smoothie bar. With located in Pomona Beach and Boca Raton, Florida, Juice 2 U has quickly become a local favorite when it comes to find delicious, sustainable, high-quality food and drink. Best of all, you can enjoy our food via one of several great services we offer, including our vegan catering, vegan meal planning, and our vegan juice cleanse.

The vegan juice cleanse was something we began to offer once we realized that there’s a major blind spot in the food industry. In short, many restaurants fail to help their customers connect the importance of diet and nutrition to the meals that they’re eating in those restaurants.

In spite of the paradigm shift and the recent importance that we’ve been placing on diet and nutrition, many people tend to assume that any given meal they eat has negligible (if any) immediate effects on their health and overall lives. As such, the reality that many of the foods people are eating are actually introducing harmful toxins and chemicals into their bodies often goes unnoticed or unrealized. We find that unacceptable.

The foods you eat and the beverages you drink can have a major effect on your mood, state of mind, mental acuity, and overall bodily functioning. When you eat a healthy meal, you tend to feel better (in every way) afterwards. So what would happen if you were to adopt a healthier and nutrition-focused outlook for an extended period of time?

What Is A “Juice Cleanse”?

In the shortest terms, a juice cleanse is a period during which an individual replaces daily meals with fresh juices. While it’s often used as a diet or as part of a diet strategy, the main focus of a juice cleanse is on helping the body to rid itself of the numerous harmful chemicals and toxins that accumulate over time. Additionally, a juice cleanse is designed to give individuals a period during which they’re provided with a ton of nutrients and vitamins. By effectively replacing things like carbohydrates, fats, and sugars with vitamins and nutrients, you can give your body a little rest. Plus, there are lots of real, tangible benefits to doing a juice cleanse, including weight loss, better mental functioning, and having one’s immune system strengthened considerably.

Typically, a juice cleanse will last between one day and five days although a juice cleanse can definitely be extended based on the individual’s preferences and needs. It’s worth noting, too, that a juice cleanse typing involves a certain amount of pre-cleanse preparation, allowing a person to get ready for the cleanse so that the start of the cleanse isn’t as much of a shock to the body.

Over the days before the cleanse — often called the pre-cleanse period or detox — it’s often recommended to do some light preparation. For individuals who are about to do a juice cleanse, it’s often recommended, for instance, to eliminate meat and dairy from the diet. Since these foods are commonly a point of entry for toxins and chemicals in the body, this essentially helps a person to begin priming the body for the cleanse, ensuring that the actual cleanse is a shock. Additionally, individuals who are about to do a cleanse are encouraged to cut back on caffeine while increasing consumption of raw fruits and vegetables.

The actual cleanse can last between one and five days, depending on your preferences and schedule. During that time, you’ll consume specially designed cold-pressed juices. Each of the juices consists of fresh organic fruit. Further, the ingredients of each juice is specially chosen for the purposes of nutrition, ensuring that you’re receiving all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for optimal health.

Benefits of Our Vegan Juice Cleanse

Although there are a number of other juice cleanses to choose from, the vegan juice cleanse offered at Juice 2 U is on a totally different level. For one thing, vegan juice is one of the focal points of our menu, making us experts on cold-pressed organic juices and their health benefits. Additionally, we have extensive experience in developing organic vegan juices as well as in creating well-rounded juice cleanses. When you do a vegan juice cleanse at Juice 2 U, you can be confident that you’re in the best, most capable hands.

Try Our Vegan Juice Cleanse Today

At Juice 2 U, we offer a menu of 21 specially-designed organic vegan juices. Each of these juices is made-to-order from the freshest organic locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring optimal nutritional value for each juice.

No matter the juice you choose, you can be certain that it contains essential nutrients and vitamins that are crucial for a successful juice cleanse. For instance, our Lemon Ginger Blast juice is ideal for those who are experiencing some inflammation as well as for anyone who would like a boost to their endurance; specifically, the Lemon Ginger Blast consists of fresh organic apple, cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger, mint, parsley, arugula, cilantro, turmeric, and habanero pepper. And not only is this juice extremely health, it’s also quite delicious.

If you’d like to learn more about our vegan juice cleanse, or for more information about one of our other services — such as our vegan catering and vegan meal planning — don’t hesitate to call Juice 2 U at 844-584-2328. Additionally, you can access our full menu as well as lots of other information about us on our website.